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The history of textiles can be traced back thousands of years, with advancements often occurring out of necessity. While early societies used textiles primarily for clothing and shelter, the concept of “technical textiles” emerged centuries ago. Early examples include Sailcloth, Armor and Surgical sutures (developed in ancient Egypt using animal and plant fibers for wound closure).

The Industrial Revolution ushered in a new era for technical textiles, driven by advancements in material science and manufacturing technologies. New materials like nylon and polyester, with their superior strength and durability, opened up new possibilities for applications in various industries. Some notable examples include conveyor belts, parachutes, geotextiles, etc

Today, technical textiles are ubiquitous and play a vital role in various sectors, including Aerospace, Healthcare, Sportswear, Agrotextiles. With continuous advancements in material science, nanotechnology, and digitalization, the future of technical textiles is brimming with endless possibilities.