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Welcome to AGR’s AI-Powered Solutions

Our AI-driven services are tailored to propel enterprises across diverse industries by elevating operational efficiencies, refining customer engagements, and facilitating informed strategic decisions. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we ensure our clients not only keep pace with market dynamics but also gain a competitive edge through enhanced data insights and process automation.

Our Services

GlobalBiz Brief

Tailored, high-quality business insights with speed and efficiency.

AGR’s in-house tool that revolutionizes business insights with speed, cost-efficiency, and complete content control. It captures relevant news within a set timeframe, tailoring it to specific interests for a personalized experience. Coverage includes target companies and industry-wide updates from premium and free sources. Intelligent deduplication prioritizes unique, trusted content, ensuring high-quality information. Succinct summaries and sentiment analysis provide a nuanced understanding. Easy content modification and archival access make GlobalBiz Brief an efficient tool for managing global business dynamics.


AI-Driven Customer Experience Management (AI-CXM)

AGR’s AI-Driven Customer Experience Management (AI-CXM) integrates internal and external data to provide a unified view of customer interactions. This holistic approach identifies and resolves common pain points quickly, delivering insights in 1-2 weeks with over 80% accuracy. The service also predicts and addresses issues to retain at-risk customers. AGR’s AI-CXM helps businesses enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, transforming interactions into valuable insights. For more information, visit their website or contact them directly.


Empowering Your Organization with Advanced Knowledge Management.

IntelliVault revolutionizes knowledge management by making it dynamic, interconnected, and accessible. It collects, organizes, and securely stores critical documents, enabling quick, efficient information retrieval. IntelliVault scales effortlessly with business needs, enhancing content categorization and management for smarter decision-making. It facilitates knowledge discovery and automates routine tasks. As your organization grows, IntelliVault adapts, supporting increased data volumes and diverse content types. This adaptability ensures up-to-date information access, reduces operational costs, and drives innovation, unlocking your organization’s knowledge potential for unprecedented success.


Optimizing the M&A Life Cycle

DealForge is a comprehensive app designed to streamline due diligence for private equity and investment banking firms. It enhances the M&A life cycle, from pipeline management to integration, by efficiently collecting, analyzing, and organizing documents for informed decision-making. DealForge provides a secure, collaborative environment with end-to-end encryption, ensuring transparency and efficiency. Customizable to specific needs, it optimizes workflows, allowing buyers to manage multiple deals simultaneously through a single platform. Embrace DealForge to enhance due diligence, ensure data security, and drive successful M&A outcomes.


From Data to Decision: Your Strategic Edge in Investing.

Investalytics is an AI-powered stock research tool that transforms raw data into actionable insights, enhancing investment decision-making. It offers a deep understanding of companies and industries, merging extensive information with detailed analysis for a comprehensive view of stocks and sectors. Investalytics automates equity research, producing precise reports quickly, allowing analysts to focus on strategic analysis. Key features include impact analysis on company valuation and stock price, enabling clients to make informed decisions faster and gain a competitive edge.

How does AGR meet Data security requirements for the clients?

Secure AI Training Environments

We use secure and isolated AI training environments for every client to safeguard sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry standards. Our protected infrastructure allows for safe and efficient AI model training, mitigating risks and enhancing data privacy.

AI Ethics and Privacy by Design

We integrate privacy and ethical considerations in the design phase of AI development. This involves considering the impact of AI decisions and ensuring that AI systems do not compromise data privacy.

Role Based Access Control

We implement stringent access control policies to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data. This is further enhanced by regular audits of access logs.

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