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Assess growth opportunities

We help real estate developers, construction contractors and consulting firms with real estate industry analysis, real estate investment research and other real estate market research services to assess growth opportunities, prepare business plans, and understand the regulatory landscape in their focus markets.

Research assignments

AGR has executed several real estate market research assignments on the Residential, Commercial, Infrastructure segments across the globe.


Over the past few decades, our real estate market research and industry analysis team has executed complex assignments in real estate and real estate services including opportunity assessment, real estate investment research, market entry strategy, feasibility studies, regulatory analysis, and market & competition mapping.

Use Cases

Case Studies

industry landscapping

Research to analyse consumer perceptions of a premium real-estate brand in UAE


  • One of the real estate majors in UAE was keen to transform its corporate identity and positioning
  • The sector is unstructured and relatively nascent, and consumers do not attach too much importance to positioning


  • AGR interviewed a wide range of respondents in residential realty, commercial realty and hospitality construction segment and also a mix of own consumers and those of competition to understand the relevance and importance of brand in realty
  • Awareness and expectations of realty brand was studied in detail
  • Respondents were also asked on how they would relate to the proposed positioning and identity


  • The study helped our client understand the brand image as perceived by its consumers and awareness on the core brand values.
  • The research was used to develop a brand identity that matched its ethos
industry landscapping

Background check on the promoters of a construction company in Mumbai, India


  • The client wanted to conduct a background check on the promoters of a real estate major in Mumbai
  • They wanted to understand the operations and net worth of the promoters
  • The real estate company’s corporate structure and governance were not transparent and cross holdings in subsidiaries and their role made the task complex


  • The promoters had a clean image save for a few claims of fraud against the company. The company was charged only in one of these cases, while the others were just allegations
  • AGR scanned all the regulatory filings of the group companies to understand the role of subsidiaries, its holding structure, sources of funding, ultimate beneficiaries and nature of transactions
  • The relationship tree of directorships and holdings was clearly mapped by tracing intra group transactions


  • AGR advised the client on the modus operandi of subjects’ businesses and questionable role of subsidiaries in intra group financial transactions
  • The accounting practice and valuation methods were not in line with the accounting standards or ethical practices
  • Our client was able to take informed decisions based on the corporate governance practices unearthed by our research

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