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AGR supports its banking and financial sector community with its customized investment research offerings, such as Equity Research, Investment Banking Support, Private Equity Support, Feasibility Studies, Economic Research and Financial Analytics.
AGR’s cost effective engagement model supports asset managers, investment bankers, PEs, VCs, investment managers, among others globally without compromising on high quality by enabling seamless integration of work and communication with all concerned.


Client Segments & Solutions


Engagement Models

Full Time Equivalency (FTE):

  • Trained investment research resources with specific skill sets are deployed to work exclusively full time on the said assignment for a period of one year or more
  • The resource functions as an extended arm of the client while AGR takes responsibility for the completeness and quality of the output
  • Fee is fixed and lower than project basis for the same output
  • Working model includes high level project management support and direction/advise from VPs and Directors
  • This model ensures continuity and at the same time opportunity to improve efficiency

Project / Transaction Based Engagement:

  • Customized investment research projects conducted for the client spanning time intervals of a few weeks to longer projects spanning a few months
  • AGR assumes responsibility for the completeness and quality of the output
  • Fee quoted separately for each investment research services assignment
  • Project team includes a project director and a project manager, along with a mix of research associates and analysts, depending on the complexity of the assignment

Block of Hours Arrangement:

  • A unique model where clients subscribe block of research hours on an annual basis
  • This model offers greater flexibility to clients
  • The billing rate for this model is less than Ad-hoc / Project basis but more than the FTE model
  • Fee depends on the type of investment research services rendered and the level of resource needs to be assigned to execute the same

Captive Centre Management:

  • An arrangement in which the client sets up a high-quality back office or a country office with much lower costs through a local company already having the requisite skills, manpower and infrastructure
  • Full time resources typically contracted for one year or multiples of it
  • The team is managed by a Manager from the client
Man years of experience in investment research
Industries covered across the globe
Companies covered under the investment research universe
Report written across sectors
Financial models developed across sectors & mandates

Use Cases

Case Studies

industry landscapping

FTE Support for a large Asset Management firm in GCC


  • One of the top tier asset management companies in the GCC was looking to enhance its research coverage and at the same time optimize team size
  • Increasing salary cost and need for multiple skills posed a challenge


  • AGR set up an offshore dedicated team of equity research analysts
  • Sector specific expertise was created to develop domain specific approaches to analysis and valuation


  • AGR helped the client achieve its growth objective of widening research coverage at optimal cost without compromising on quality
  • Business continuity and scalability was ensured as research operations was fully managed
  • The offshore team is now playing a key role in the investment decision making process
industry landscapping

FTE support for a Swiss based emerging market focused fund which was part of a very large and globally renowned Private bank in Switzerland


  • Swiss based asset management fund floated am emerging market focused fund to grow its assets under management.
  • Client was not keen to set up in house team and looking for cost effective option


  • AGR set up a dedicated team to undertake research across global markets and also ensure confidentiality of proprietary methodology.
  • AGR also provided research support to validate investment hypothesis, ad hoc research on specific topics and monitor portfolios


  • Our cost effective offshore delivery model provided enough confidence to the client about the prospects of portfolio expansion and churn by providing quick turnaround reports
industry landscapping

FTE Support for a US based mid-market Private Equity Client focused on Leveraged Buyouts


  • The PE firm was looking for assistance in managing the transaction process, given the large number of deals flowing through to the firm


  • AGR supported the client with the entire process, from initial screening, to detailed company and financial analysis, verifying industry conditions, building leveraged buyout models and compiling deal presentations
  • AGR also provided support to monitor each business in the Fund portfolio in terms of operating and financial performance, and provide insights of reasons for business growth / decline


  • AGR helped the senior partners optimize their time towards effective funds deployment and portfolio strategy development by taking care of time consuming yet important tasks and thereby save on costs as well
industry landscapping

Business Plan, Financial Model, and IM for a GCC based Investment Banking Client


  • The investment bank was looking for support on deal documents for one of their transactions due to lack of an inhouse team of analysts


  • AGR worked closely with the investment banking firm, as well as their client to understand the business model, develop the new business plan in collaboration with stakeholders
  • This is followed by preparing a detailed financial model and valuation of the business, and creating a comprehensive Information Memorandum (IM), detailing the offering, industry, company highlights and financial performance


  • Our working arrangement helped the client use domain specialists from AGR depending on nature of transaction and also carry out range of other tasks as and when required without having to maintain large pool of specialists in house

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