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Increasing awareness amongst people

Increasing awareness amongst people on health have led Governments across the world to focus on developing a strong healthcare system. This requires a strong pharmaceutical industry which is a major source of innovation and provides drugs for use as medications.

Supporting the industry

With over 30 years of healthcare & pharmaceutical market research experience, AGR has been supporting the industry, hospitals, equipment manufacturers, pharma companies, consulting firms and Governments address issues ranging from new markets, new product opportunities, distribution etc. across geographies and industry segments.


We have a good understanding of different segments of the healthcare business.

Industry Studies

Pharmaceuticals Outlook
Pharma Industry & Chemistries
Bulk Drug Comples
Pharma Company Turnaround

Drugs & Intermediates

Ayurvedic Drugs
Diethyl Oxalate
N-Methyl Piperazine
Vitamin B6
Vitamin C, etc.


Therapeutic Categories
IV Fluids
Aromatherapy Products
Hepatitis B Vaccine


Eye Hospital
ENT Hospital
Diabetes Hospital
Diagnostic Centers

Pharma Packaging

Glass Bottles
Glass Vials
Paper Board

Medical Disposables & Equipment

Blood Bags
Diagnostic Kits
Dialysis Machines
Disposable Syringes
Hypodermic Needles
Infusion Pumps
Intravenous Cannulae
Surgical Rubber Products
Contact Lens
Hospital Beds

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals




AGR has conducted extensive pharma market research and studied pharmaceutical markets covering several bulk drugs and intermediates. This includes studies on APIs, Formulations , Excipients, Additives, Solvents, Processes etc. Our pharma market research and industry analysis team has deep understanding of drug delivery systems and packaging used in the industry.



AGR has worked with several MNCs and Indian companies on various drugs and intermediates that are DNA based, Mabs based etc. products and formulations. We have also supported our clients with studies on Drug Discovery and Development Services and Technology Licensing.

Healthcare Products & Services

Healthcare Products & Services

AGR has helped its clients with Market Opportunity Mapping Studies for products and services, Techno-economic Feasibility Studies on hospitals, medical devices etc. We have worked with consulting firms, banks and private equity firms, hospitals and healthcare service providers, diagnostic labs etc. to help them understand Market Opportunities, Local Regulations, Identify Partners etc.

Market Assessment and Feasibility studies: Lifesciences and healthcare sector is constantly evolving and innovating. The criticality of the industry to human life and safety has led to a proactive role of governments across the world. This makes it imperative for pharma companies to keep themselves updated and take informed decisions. AGR has been supporting companies with Market Assessment and Techno Economic Feasibility for APIs, Excipients, Drugs, Formulations, Medical Consumables, Equipment etc.

Healthcare services opportunity assessment: Experience of handling complex procedures and ability to maintain high quality service standards helps hospitals, blood banks, diagnostic centers to expand domestically and internationally. AGR has helped such organizations to understand the needs and demand from the Target Audience, Modes of entry, Critical Success Factors etc.

Distributor Search: AGR has been supporting its clients expand operations by carefully identifying and shortlisting prospects and facilitating selection through in person due diligence and setting up meetings. AGR has helped clients identify distributors for OTC products, Herbal Products, Pharma Intermediates, Generic Formulations etc.

Use Cases

Case Studies

industry landscapping

Market Due Diligence for a PE firm evaluating investment in a NBFC focused on providing financial services to affordable private schools (APS)


  • A leading India focused PE firm wanted to invest in a NBFC focused on providing financial services to affordable private schools (APS)
  • Conduct market due diligence to establish credibility of the NBFC


  • A pan India study covering 8 Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities
  • Intensive field exercise was conducted by speaking to existing investees and prospects
  • Competition mapping was done to benchmark products and services of the target NBFC


  • The report was clearly established strengths and weaknesses of the target NBFC and its market credibility
  • The PE firm could validate its investment hypothesis and invested in the NBFC
industry landscapping

Finding global market for local content


  • A global digital broadcast major was planning to launch its Video on Demand (VOD) application globally
  • The content and genre had viewership only among sub-continent diaspora
  • Over competitive market place


  • AGR interviewed diaspora across all select markets to understand their entertainment consumption habits, share of wallet, mode, duration
  • Studied the operational practices competing VOD applications, pricing, genre etc.
  • Interviewed prospects to check their willingness to consider client VOD, pricing expectations, genre preferences


  • AGR analysed entertainment consumption data and habits to identify the optimal positioning for the client’s VOD
  • Potential market, pricing and genre expectations were finalised based on market needs ahead of global launch
  • Client’s VOD emerged as one of the most successful VOD with largest number of viewers in the world
industry landscapping

Decipher technology threat to travel and tourism business model


  • A prominent industry body was keen to understand the disruptions facing the travel and tourism sector
  • Understanding the role of technology in business disruption posed a major challenge
  • Travel habits of people undergoing massive change


  • AGR studied the factors behind changing travel habits and expectations of people
  • Role of digital intermediaries, emerging technologies, mobility trends were studied to understand its impact on the tourism sector in all aspects
  • Role of various stakeholders including government in popularising destinations were also studied in depth


  • A report on how technology can change and enable the tourism and travel was presented
  • Helped Industry body develop an action plan for its members on how to prepare to meet the challenges
  • Provided inputs for policy development
industry landscapping

Multi-skill hub for a member of the global consulting consortium in the US


  • A member of the global consulting consortium in the US was facing a unique problem.
  • Maintain varied skillset of resources across levels but business cycle variation posed financial challenges.


  • AGR stepped in to set up offshore multi-skill hub with required resources in Mumbai
  • Offered a flexible engagement fee and staffing structure.


  • AGR addressed the financial and business challenges of the client. The structure paved way for business scalability and customer focus
  • Operational and resource challenges taken care of by the hub

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