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2023 is all about choosing your battles carefully. Whether it is the fear of a recession, or the raging pandemic in China, or the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, slowdown in international trade, or job losses, there is little clarity as of now. While it seems that we are headed to face these challenges head on, a deeper look at the evolving situation throws a different picture. There are lots of possibilities and several prospective scenarios that could unfold. On the economic front, what may hold true for some of the super powers may not necessarily affect all. On the health front, nations that have been more proactive with vaccination have less to worry about.

This is the time to tread with caution. Instead of jumping in the bandwagon of popular beliefs and speculation, one will do well to bank more on right information and keenly observe how the different scenarios are unfolding. This is the prudent way to assess and understand what lies ahead for us as the year unfolds.

Raj Nair, Chairman of Avalon Consulting, shares an interesting take on why you need to choose your battles carefully in 2023. Read on.