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Our journey continues with a new identity.

In an era of rapid change within the market intelligence domain, we are pioneering a brand evolution that embodies innovation and foresight. Acknowledging the transition from traditional business analytics to advanced methodologies, we are leveraging a suite of automated and AI-powered technologies to empower our clientele with dynamic insights.

Our bespoke AI tool is at the forefront of this revolution, offering solutions that are not only expeditious and cost-effective but also adaptable and strategic. It’s tailored to meet the high-velocity needs of modern businesses, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve with informed decision-making.

We are committed to delivering intelligence that transcends the norm, equipping our clients with the knowledge to navigate the marketplace with confidence and precision.

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15 years on, and over 5,000 projects conducted in 100+ countries. We unveil our new brand identity. Our brand’s evolution signifies a departure from traditional methodologies towards a future-oriented approach, empowering our clients to navigate the environment with greater confidence.

While technology offers invaluable tools for data analysis and interpretation, it is the human expertise and intuition that transforms our data into actionable decisions. This is a testament to the talent of our nearly 200-member team.

We’re thrilled to commence this new chapter with our clients and partners, as we continue to innovate, adapt, and thrive in the ever-evolving back-drop of market research.

Our in-house AI model is used to develop various solutions to solve our client’s problem statements

Case Example: AGR’s proprietary platform, “GlobalBiz Brief,” revolutionizes the assimilation of global business intelligence by presenting curated insights with a high level of clarity and engagement. Our sophisticated algorithm harvests information from a multitude of sources, eliminates redundancies, crafts industry trend summaries, and gauges industry sentiment.

Our cutting-edge AI technology has transformed a laborious 2-hour manual compilation into an efficient 15-minute review process. This streamlined approach not only empowers clients to exert precise content oversight but also enhances the AI’s learning curve, progressively refining its curatorial precision to further abbreviate the review duration.

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GlobalBiz Brief

Provides curated business updates on companies and industries to help clients stay updated on market trends & identify new growth opportunities

AI-CXM Service

Employs AI to revolutionize customer experience management, optimizing every interaction for heightened satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty across all customer touchpoints


Streamline internal document management and knowledge sharing system gives secure access to historical knowledge for current decision-making


A service leveraging AI to collect ground-level data, analyze it,
and deliver actionable industry insights for informed decision-making

Price Alerts & Forecast

Deliver tailored price update reports for commodities and stocks, empowering clients with swift decision-making and minimal manual tasks


An automated platform for deal data sharing, facilitating due diligence and compliance activities, offering clients a unified portal for seamless management of external and internal processes.


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