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The MENCAN initiative at Tata Memorial Hospital

By April 26, 2023December 4th, 2023No Comments

Prostate, penile and testicular cancer constitutes roughly 60 % of the patients visiting the Urooncology Department at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel. While prostate cancer is far more common in western countries, we happen to be one of the highest volume centre globally, treating penile and testicular cancer and are striving towards making our Uro-Oncology Dept, a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for these cancers. As an initial step in this direction, we have formulated the men’s cancer initiative called MENCAN for treating these cancers.

The MENCAN initiative

While on one hand prostate cancer is climbing up on incidence in India with our increasing life expectancy, testicular cancer though lower in incidence affects the men in their most productive years of life. Timely and appropriate management of testicular cancer leads to an exceptionally promising survival rate of more than 90%. Penile cancer is fraught with patient hesitancy and inadequate treatment, but when managed well on time has a good outcome. India sees one of the highest incidence of penile cancer in the world and we are being looked upon by the global oncological fraternity to conduct practice-changing research to improve the outcome of this otherwise rare cancer.

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