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Capturing new markets and increasing share in an existing market catapults a company into a leadership position thereby giving an opportunity to reap higher profits. Leadership position is influenced by the ability to balance various factors like product quality, pricing, competitor strategies, engagement with the customers in the market, channel efficiency and so on.  Failure to achieve a balance in these factors can result in serious setbacks by many months,  if not years. It is vital to understand the ingredients for success before a company embarks on a new territory and/or with a new product launch. Not many organisations, whether start-ups or established corporations have the requisite resources or the expertise to assess the available opportunities in a market.

AGR with its thirty years of experience can aid in new market development as well as improved performance in existing markets to provide the best returns on investments. AGR’s tried and trusted methodologies includes leveraging our network of experts across 100 countries to obtain the best practices for our clients.  Our solutions typically provide answers on addressable potential, Government policies, competitor actions, regulatory bottlenecks, channel dynamics, SWOT analysis and the customers’ buying patterns, preferences and pain points.

AGR’s deep insights and recommendations have empowered many global companies to implement organisational changes, launch new products or SKUs, restructure distribution channels, and introduce customer promotions to stay ahead of the competition. AGR also details the action plans and supports in implementation like product concept checks, dealer searches and pre-sales pitches to potential customers.

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