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Objectives of outsourcing have undergone change owing to business complexities, wageflation and narrowing of currency arbitrage. Companies increasingly realise that the objective of outsourcing homogeneous process has not been met. Headcount addition has taken a toll following companies new found focus on increasing revenue per employee It is in this context, AGR offered global clients to consider multi skill offshore outsourced hub either in a centralised format or in distributed fashion.  Business requirements are increasingly complex and dynamic and the need for multiple skillset has become essential to address the multiple challenges as well as take care of the growth needs.

Multi skill hub is essentially a mirror of the client office in an offshore destination. It offers the cost advantages of outsourcing as well as safety, delivery and managerial capability benefits of insourcing to boost growth. The model also renders flexibility to adjust headcount and add new skill set as per business needs. Given that the multi skill hub model has shifted away from cost to value and growth, business sustainability is guaranteed. This approach ensures control and continuity to the client and at the same time security to the service provider, thus making it a win win proposition.