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AGR constantly endeavours to bring the latest and the best to its clients and we are pleased to announce our tie-up with, a versatile and comprehensive digital platform to transform procurement in the chemical industry. RFQ and Reverse Auctions on Chemarc help achieve the best price discovery in procurement from both existing and new vendors with ease, helping the procurement function deliver significant cost savings. There are also provisions for negotiations, cost comparisons, approvals and ordering as well as end-to-end fulfilment to carry out the entire procure-to-pay cycle for both Direct and Indirect Materials at one place on the platform to simplify workflows. Data is captured at each stage to provide insightful analytics for the right decision-making, easy monitoring, and continuous improvement. The other unique feature of Chemarc is that it is easy to implement and use. Also, there are innovations in supplier onboarding which enable online procurement on Chemarc to commence within days of adopting the system. Chemarc can also easily be integrated with any ERP system to streamline the internal and external workings of the business. Procurement is typically 60-70% of the sales in most chemical businesses where profits are typically 10%. By targeting even a 2-3% improvement in input costs using Chemarc, companies can improve EBITDA by 10-15%!!! Digital platforms enable efficient, transparent, and convenient connections, communications, workflow, and data capture on the platform to streamline and optimise external interactions and business processes like ERP has done for internal. It is time for companies to adopt digital platforms, and we are happy to bring this best-in-class platform to the industry.

I would be pleased to speak to those interested. Please write to me at

Appreciation from our client.

“Thanks team Avalon for completing a good study as per the defined scope. We look forward to working with you again.

This study will help us make an informed investment decision for a project.”


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