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Brand visibility is the first step in building a brand reputation but the most important one. All enterprises desire its brands to have top of mind recall with target customers. Most brands follow the trends in the market, which currently revolve around increasing social presence, communicating with customers on social platforms, interactive content marketing, referral programmes, humanising brand among others. However, niche brands, B2B brands and Rebranding needs to be a step ahead in devising new methods of increasing brand visibility.

AGR, with an expertise in interacting directly with stakeholders offers unique approaches to increase brand visibility typically for niche and B2B brands

  • Interacting directly with existing and potential customers as a research partner to understand their needs and expectations and at the same time educating the customers on the brands offerings, advantages and specialities. This leads to a first-hand brand communication with the target audience.
  • Interacting directly with the channel partners to showcase features of the product and understanding the placement of the brand in the marketplace. This helps create brand visibility and communicate brand attributes even before a brand is launched in the market. This is also useful for product extensions under the same brand.
  • Involving channel partners and B2B customers to understand the need for rebranding and make it a participating initiative. This is done by interacting with these stakeholders to understand current positioning and fetching unique ideas for the new brand given their exposure to competing brands. Further, these stakeholders also get involved in providing inputs for building various brand elements, i.e. brand name, logo

As such, brands need to keep searching for unique methods to increase their brand visibility in the market. Being in close touch with the users and distribution partners and keeping an eye on competition’s moves will definitely help the brand stay ahead and relevant.