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International marketing requires a tailored approach to succeed in every market as one size doesn’t fit all. Having strong product or brand proposition or prior knowledge of the market landscape or deep pockets may not guarantee success in overseas market unless the right channel partner is able to carry forward your values on the ground.

Over the last three decades, we have helped multinational corporations, Government trade promotion boards, and even aspiring mid-sized exporters, spread across wide range of industries and geographies, earn successes by identifying the right distribution partner and supporting channel network development.

We start with an internal assessment of your export readiness, not just the right products but the right attitude towards committing yourself to international business challenges. Understanding the target market, which involves sizing the market opportunities, mapping various challenges, the competition and the distribution channel dynamics helps us develop the suitable go-to-market imperatives. This also places you in a better position while pitching as well as negotiations, during the later stages, with prospective partners.

One of the most important steps (where most of the companies go wrong) is developing the ‘Right Partner Sketch’ matching your business philosophy and chemistry, along with other attributes and requirements like the skill sets, customer base, technology focus, scale, services etc.

We have been able to build strong relationships with prospective growth partners and various market enablers. We have curated a deep and wide network given our several thousands of hours of intellectual dialogues with various stakeholder categories. This is backed with strong domain expertise and our proprietary partner assessment framework comprising of around 30-75 quantitative and qualitative partner selection attributes like management succession planning, synergy of attitude & vision between the two parties, infrastructure readiness etc.