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AGR is a specialist research firm focused on delivering custom research and analytics solutions to address business challenges. Our diverse set of experts and proprietary frameworks help bring in objectivity so that informed decisions can be taken – be it strategic or tactical in nature.

With many years of business, consumer and investment research experience across the globe, we pride ourselves in delivering actionable insights based on ground reality.

We take complete ownership of our work and our deep client relationship built over many years stand testimony to our dearly owned principles of
work quality, business ethics and fairness in our dealings with all our stakeholders.

As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we remain committed to meritocracy and providing equal opportunity to all our employees.

Global Footprint


AGR can propel your business in new territories

Global Footprint : Businesses whether large or small aspire to promote their wares and brands in new markets and beyond the existing borders. Companies understand that in today’s borderless world, it is not an option to have a global footprint but a necessity, if the business has to thrive.

However most do not have the expertise or the experience to take this leap. AGR with a robust network in over 100 countries acquired over 30 years not only can take your business to a new market but grow the sales steadily in the new market at a fraction of the cost and zero risk to your organization.

Our new market entry initiatives include ground level market scanning, channel set-up, regulatory planning, amongst other services while growth services involve pricing strategies, product rejigs, channel expansion, funding and other networking services. We have facilitated new business of over USD 1 bn in the past 5 years.

30+ Years Legacy


30+ Years Legacy

AGR traces its beginnings to 1989 when entrepreneurs Raj Nair and the late K A Ramakrishnan (RK) founded a market research and consulting business in Bombay, India. The economy had become a victim of the licence raj and the need for a more competitive business environment had become apparent. Raj and RK had prior consulting expertise and quickly collected a good team around them.

Services offered then included market research, project profiles, feasibility studies and strategic advice. Data collection was laborious and involved extensive travel.

Our values of hard work, a never-say-die attitude, perseverance, fair business practices and ethical behaviour continue and stem from our founders’ vision. This has also led to our key team members being with the group for decades.

Our database of past projects is unparalleled in India. We have access even to reports, presentations and profiles dating back to the typewriter era!

No wonder some of our client relationships are 3 decades old- and stronger than ever. AGR continues to build on this legacy for the benefit of all stake holders”



Unbiased market derived perspectives of the business world

All organizations whether large or small exist to fulfil needs of customers through products and services. In the daily rigour to be successful, many tend to become inward focused by trusting internal strengths/capabilities thereby losing sight of the evolving external environment.

This bias comes into play strongly during strategic planning and limits the ability to comprehend emerging trends in the business landscape. While supporting our clients for sustainable growth, we at AGR endeavor to tie in every thread that influences an industry through our multi layered research process.

The outside-in market view derived through dispassionate interactions with a wide cross-section of internal and external stakeholders brings much needed balance in critical thinking helping clients (both B2B and B2C) determine key levers and act on them for long term benefits.



We don’t close a sale instead we open deep relationships with our clients for mutual success

Grow along with customers – has always been our way of life at Avalon. Every initial research assignment with a new client was always seen as an opportunity to build and nurture a lasting relationship.

Going beyond the scope to deliver the much needed insight has helped clients see real value in the contribution but also gave us deep sense of satisfaction.

We seldom looked beyond our clients for new customers.  More so because our loyal customers act as our salesmen of advocating on our behalf.

We just don’t preach the value of advocacy; we practice it. It is no surprise that the clients we started off with at the time of inception, still remain with us.