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The electric vehicle (EV) industry in Southeast Asia (SEA) is experiencing a transformative surge, driven by a combination of shifting policies, evolving consumer attitudes, and a growing imperative to combat climate change. Despite still being in its early stages, SEA has rapidly emerged as one of the most dynamic and promising markets for EVs globally. With EVs currently accounting for less than 3% of total passenger vehicle sales in the region, recent quarters have witnessed an unprecedented acceleration in adoption rates. Countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia are spearheading this transition, leveraging policy incentives and local production initiatives to propel industry growth. Against the backdrop of SEA’s rising contribution to global GDP, projected to reach 6.4% in 2024, and its substantial population share of approximately 8.5%, the stage is set for substantial EV market expansion. As forecasts predict SEA’s EV sales to surpass eight million in the next decade, businesses and investors are increasingly eyeing the region for lucrative opportunities.

Amidst this transformative landscape, AGR, with their extensive expertise and services tailored to the EV sector, stand poised to support market expansion and network development plans, facilitating sustainable growth in SEA’s burgeoning EV ecosystem.

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